Top 10 Free Anime Streaming Websites, Watch Anime For Free !!

Ever wanted to quench your thirst for anime? Or Never watched anime before but you want to find the best site to go watch it from?

We got you covered. In this article, we ranked the best streaming sites in a list for FREE sites. We have detailed information about the site’s aesthetics and functionality so definitely stay tuned.

We also Recommend you download an adblocker extension these sites are all legit but they do have popups.


Starting things with one of my personal favorites  

1.KISSANIME.RUBest 32 Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2018(Free & Paid)


This website could probably be considered the most established anime site. It features almost every title of anime you can ever stream. Series, OVAs, Specials, Extras, and Movies, you name it. The community in this site. It has one of the most active communities ever.

The only downside is that it has a lack of care for its design, but the color scheme kind of works. The site has a section for Latest Update, New and Hot, Recent Additions, and Most Popular. What I personally like about this site is its ranking of anime titles.

Most of the time they’re very reliable, so whenever I’m looking for the best anime titles for the season, I go here and look at their rankings for New and Hot.

The video player is also very slick and quick. The ads can be hidden very easily. Overall, the site is really established, it has minimal amount of ads, and the UI is simple but not that beautiful. I do think its community and its reliability is what made it earn its spot here.

2.GOGOANIME.IOBest 32 Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2018(Free & Paid)


3.9anime.vipBest 32 Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2018(Free & Paid)

The black and purple UI design was definitely very appealing to the eyes. Good color schemes always make the experience beautiful.

It’s pretty well established. It has the essential sections like Latest, Ongoing, and Popular. There’s also a Disqus section where you can discuss the latest episodes. The video player is very clean and simple with also a star rating system for each episode. You can also surprisingly disable ads on the player. A part of the site can also be controlled using shortcuts. The only downside is that it has a ton of ads that can be really distracting.

The responsiveness of the website has a pretty good feel to it when you hover your mouse on some anime titles too. Even if you don’t click the anime titles, you can see how many episodes have been uploaded so far and how many till it’s finished.

Overall, the UI is really good, Color scheme is very nice, and easy to navigate but a little bit too many buttons and can get distracting. We should give a lot of credit on how the website really takes care of their viewer’s experience. It’s number 3 on this list because some ads are unrelated and sometimes distracting, only some parts of the site’s ads can be disabled optionally.

9Anime beats AnimeFrost because 9Anime is much more established with wider options for titles and a much responsive website.

4.ANIMELAB.COM *Only Australia and New ZealandBest 32 Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2018(Free & Paid)

Here’s LEGAL Anime Streaming Website for you. Best of all is that it’s free.

It has a purple color scheme and really beautiful and responsive UI. It’s a well-established site and very dedicated to anime.

The only downside is that it is only exclusive to Australia and New Zealand. You can watch these shows in dubbed and subbed instantly. All the shows here are direct from Japan and fast-tracked to their viewers.

There’s also an app available for mobile devices, Xbox, and PlayStation. AnimeLab also works great with Chromecast. If you live in Australia and New Zealand, better go to AnimeLab now!

AnimeLab could have been placed higher on this list. Its geographical restrictions just pulls it down from this list.

5.AnimeHeaven.euBest 32 Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2018(Free & Paid)

The site has one of the best and most Unique UIs I’ve ever seen.

It almost looks like an otaku magazine’s website. The design is very responsive and the color scheme is really committed to making the aesthetic appeal better.

Some of the site’s parts are very well animated with the responsiveness of their development. The layout seems very user-friendly as well. A new-comer wouldn’t need to be familiar with the layout first-hand in order to get used to it because you can already get used to it.

Overall, the site is very appealing but it could have issues with connectivity for some people. They are also missing a layout that would help a lot of people that should look like a gallery of anime titles. The unique layout could also backfire for some people. It seems to be very meticulous about their time and dates so it does seem to be a very reliable source of anime entertainment.

6.MasterAni.meBest 32 Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2018(Free & Paid)

The site seems to be very well established featuring a good gallery of anime episodes and titles.

It has an excellent detail to UI and also looks to have a responsive website design. The responsiveness of the website when I hover on the clickable elements are amazingly smooth.

It’s also impressive that the site features their Disqus community just on the front page which can help other new visitors convert to regular visitors.

The pages around the site’s menu are self-explanatory and easy to navigate around. The font they sport is very pleasing and easy to the eyes. Even though there’s a lot of stuff on the site, the layout doesn’t seem to be very busy at all.

Overall, the site is amazing in multiple areas. It’s simple but also complex at the same time. It doesn’t hurt the eyes at all and it definitely took a lot of thinking on how the design should work very easily for the users.

7.ViewsterBest 32 Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2018(Free & Paid)

To start off, we have a LEGAL and FREE Anime Streaming Website. The site is actually not dedicated for streaming anime but for movies and other series as well. They have a variety of categories available from Anime to Korean Drama to Documentaries.

They also have an app available for mobile. The reason why this is the last on the list is it only offers about 24 Anime titles and most of those titles are already old. If you like the classic anime titles like School Days, this site has a good quality experience to provide you for anime time.

8.ANIMESTREAMS.TVBest 32 Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2018(Free & Paid)

The site has also a layout that’s pretty similar to WordPress blogs. It’s easier to navigate with the Menu Buttons being very understanding. The design is very simplistic too. Ads can be unrelated but not as annoying as

It has a section for Ongoing and Latest Anime but not for Popular Anime during the season which makes it not very conscious to the mainstream anime.

There’s also a section for Disqus on uploads so you can discuss on the latest episodes with other like-minded otakus. Overall, the design is simple, easy to navigate, Not annoying ads, and quick.

It beats because the interface is cleaner and less annoying.

9.Neoneko.netBest 32 Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2018(Free & Paid)

Has a clean, aesthetically appealing, and responsive website design. The font looks very nice. There’s also a rating system for each anime title.

The site offers English Sub and Dub Streaming.

It has a minimal use of ads.

Overall the color schemes and aesthetics are simple but beautiful.

The only thing is that it’s not very well established.

10.KickassAnime.ioBest 32 Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2018(Free & Paid)

 Thank You for reading our article.

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