TOP 5 Paid Anime Streaming Websites 2018


Paid Anime Streaming sites are legal and they greatly support the Anime Industry. Plus, these sites will give you the best watching experience you can ever get. With no ads and faster speeds, you’ll be finishing off more anime series than you can ever imagine.

1.CrunchyrollBest 32 Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2018(Free & Paid)



FREE 14-Day Trial

Everyone expected Crunchyroll to be at the top spot. It’s the king of every paid anime streaming service out there. This company has already been way established and highly promoted.

Crunchyroll offers simulcasts from Japan which means or 1 hour after Japanese broadcast. They also offer Ad free in HDand a huge library of anime, manga, and drama titles.

This service has the best user-experience you can ever get. They provide everything you need for watching anime.

Crunchyroll is also supported across multiple devices.

2.FunimationBest 32 Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2018(Free & Paid)

Price: $7.95/m or $59.99/y

Funimation is only available to US and Canada, unfortunately. The service tends to be more focused on dubbed anime rather than subbed. Dubs are usually released a week after they are released from Japan, they call this Simuldubs.

Funimation is at the number 2 because it’s already a well-established anime streaming service and has made its service more dedicated for dubs rather than subs to compete and separate itself from its competition, Crunchyroll.

Funimation also has an app for mobile devices.



-FREE with limited anime titles

-Membership with Free one-week trial for $3.99/m*

*limited introductory price at the moment

HIDIVE is an anime streaming service that’s dedicated for anime pop culture streaming service. It offers a better video player, and live chat, with customizable features for their users. It’s a fairly new player along the scenes. After Anime Network shutdown, they passed the torch to HIDIVE as the new Anime Streaming Service Provider. The site is still in BETAbut it seems to be very promising already.

They also have an app available for Android and iOS so you can watch anywhere on the go.

4.NetflixBest 32 Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2018(Free & Paid)


Varies from country to country

Netflix is already a well-known platform for shows and cartoons. The difference between Netflix and Hulu is that Netflix has more while Hulu gets content faster.

If you prefer to watch other shows than only anime, then this is the streaming service for you.

Hulu and Netflix belong around this spot because they’re not dedicated services for anime.

5.HuluBest 32 Websites to Watch and Stream Anime Online In 2018(Free & Paid)


-HULU $5.99/m with 30 days free

-HULU WITH LIVE TV $39.99/m with 7 days free

Hulu has anime an average person would usually like to watch. Most of their anime titles are already well know anime titles like Cowboy Bebop, Stein’s Gate, and The Devil is a Part-Timer!.

If you’re an average person who prefers to watch a lot of shows beyond anime rather than only anime, then this is the service for you.

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