Top 20 Highest One Piece Bounties

1) Gol D. Roger 5,564,800,000 Retracted

As Pirate King, he retains the highest status among all the world's pirates even in death, something elucidated by how incredibly massive a bounty he had in life, at over 5.5 billion being the highest in recorded history. Although unconfirmed, it seems that Roger never had a Devil Fruit ability, since he wore a wooden stockade to his execution rather than Seastone handcuffs.

2) Edward Newgate 5,046,000,000 Retracted

Edward Newgate, more commonly known as "Whitebeard", was the captain of the Whitebeard Pirates and widely known as the "Strongest Man in the World" and the "Man Closest to One Piece" after Gol D. Roger's death.

In the past, he was a member of the legendary Rocks Pirates and later ruled over the New World as one of the Yonko,before his death in the Battle of Marineford.

3) Kaido 4,611,100,000

Kaido of the Beasts, also known as the "Strongest Creature in the World"It is currently unknown how he received his bounty. He currently possesses the highest known active bounty.

4) Charlotte Linlin 4,388,000,000

Currently possesses the highest active bounty of any female character.First Known Bounty: Linlin received her first bounty of 50,000,000 at the age of six years old, after teaming up with Streusen.

Second Known Bounty: Some time later in her childhood, she received a second bounty of 500,000,000.
Third Known Bounty: At some point before the Whole Cake Island Arc she received a bounty of 4,388,000,000, likely due to her actions as one of the Yonko.

5) Shanks 4,048,900,000

 As a former member of the Roger Pirates, captain of the Red Hair Pirates, and one of the Yonko in the New World, Shanks is known to be one of the four strongest pirates in the world. However, not much is known about Shanks' powers and abilities in detail.

Shanks is the youngest of the Yonko, being on equal level with the more experienced Kaido, Charlotte Linlin, and even Whitebeard, who was feared as the strongest pirate in the World.

6) Marshall D. Teach 2,247,600,000

It is unknown what exactly earned him his bounty; however, it is probably due to his previous affiliations with both the Whitebeard Pirates and the Shichibukai, overpowering one of the Whitebeard Pirates' division commanders, recruiting several Impel Down's Level 6 prisoners, participating in the Battle of Marineford, in which he killed the Yonko Whitebeard, obtaining the extremely destructive Gura Gura no Mi for himself, fighting the remaining Whitebeard Pirates during the Payback War, and becoming a Yonko himself.

7) Monkey D. Luffy 1,500,000,000

After the event in the Whole Cake Island, as well as being mistaken as the mastermind for Big Mom's failed assassination, Luffy's bounty jumped from 500,000 to a staggering  1,500,000,000. That's because of how he is still alive after he challenged a Yonko and defeating Katakuri.

8) Queen 1,320,000,000

As one of the three Disasters, he is one of Kaido's right-hand men.

9) Charlotte Katakuri 1,057,000,000

2nd son of the Charlotte Family, Totto Land's Minister of Flour, and one of the Three Sweet Commanders of the Big Mom Pirates, making him one of the crew's top executive officers.

10) Jack 1,000,000,000

As one of the three Disasters, he is one of Kaido's right-hand men. Feared and renowned in the New World for his brutality, he is stated to have caused destruction on such levels that the land he treads on appears to be suffering from drought afterwards. He's the first individual revealed to have a ten-figure bounty (the highest revealed bounty at the time).

11) Charlotte Smoothie 932,000,000

 14th daughter of the Charlotte Family, Totto Land's Minister of Juice, and one of the Three Sweet Commanders of the Big Mom Pirates, thus making her one of the crew's top executive officers.

12) Charlotte Cracker 860,000,000 

10th son of the Charlotte Family, Totto Land's Minister of Biscuit, and one of the Three Sweet Commanders of the Big Mom Pirates, thus making him one of the crew's top executive officers. His wanted poster displays his Biscuit Soldier rather than himself, which may indicate that his true appearance and threat is not known to the Marines/World Government.

13) Charlotte Perospero 700,000,000

Eldest child of the Charlotte Family, an officer of the Big Mom Pirates, and Totto Land's Minister of Candy.

14) Sabo 602,000,000

 Sabo is a childhood friend of Monkey D. Luffy's and Portgas D. Ace's as well as a leader of the Revolutionary Army. Like Ace, Sabo possesses fire-based abilities and an impeccable sense of style. Sabo first officially appeared in Chapter 583 of the One Piece Manga and Episode 494 of the anime.

15) Charlotte Snack 600,000,000

25th son of the Charlotte Family, former Sweet Commander, and Totto Land's Minister of Fries.

16) Little Oars Jr. 550,000,000

As a giant of immense size, Oars Jr. has incredible strength. However, in contrast to Oars he is seen using a sword. Oars Jr. has a high amount a stamina, taking damage from three Shichibukai (one of whom sliced off his right leg), incoming marines, their Giants Squad and the marines' artillery without losing his resolve to save Ace. However, his large size was also apparently his own weakness, as he was so big it made him an easy target.

As of the time of the Paramount War he had a bounty of 550,000,000 belly.

17) Portgas D. Ace 550,000,000 Retracted

First Known Bounty: For his and the Spade Pirates' actions on their journey, Ace received a bounty of an unknown amount that was high enough so that several bounty hunters were after his head, as well as Marines Ensign Isuka, all of which were defeated by the crew. That bounty had also granted him an invitation to become a Shichibukai but he declined the offer.

Second Known Bounty: By the time the crew reached Fish-Man Island, Ace received a new bounty exceeding a Beli100,000,000.

Last Known Bounty: It is unknown how Ace received his Beli550,000,000 bounty, however being Gol D. Roger's son, and a high-ranking member of Whitebeard's crew may have influenced it as well as his exploits as Captain of the Spade Pirates. His bounty was retracted upon his capture by Blackbeard and death.

18) Don Chinjao 542,000,000

formerly known as "Don Chinjao" and "Chinjao the Drill", is a former pirate, the leader of the Chinjao Family, and the retired 12th leader of the Happo Navy. He also joined as a gladiator at the Corrida Colosseum to compete for the Mera Mera no Mi.

He has a bounty of Beli542,000,000. Although at first he confronted Luffy for his hatred against Garp, he became his ally during the Dressrosa Arc

19) Trafalgar D. Water Law 500,000,000

 First Known Bounty: Originally a pirate from North Blue, Law's first known bounty was 200,000,000; due to this bounty, he would go on to be recognized as one of the Worst Generation.

Second Known Bounty: During the two year timeskip his bounty raised to 440,000,000. After becoming a Shichibukai, his bounty became inactive.

Third Known Bounty: Raised to 500,000,000 by having fought alongside with Luffy in defeating the Donquixote Pirates and Donquixote Doflamingo, resulting in his dismissal from the Shichibukai.

20) Edward Weevil  480,000,000

 Edward Weevil, or "Whitebeard Jr.", is the self-proclaimed son of "Whitebeard" Edward Newgate and was one of the Shichibukai, until the organization's dissolution. His mother is Miss Bakkin, the self-proclaimed lover of Newgate. He was first mentioned by Commodore Brannew in a discussion of the current Shichibukai ranks to several high-ranking Marine officers, but was not explicitly named until after Donquixote Doflamingo's defeat


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