Top 10 Most Powerful Dragon Ball Super Characters Ranked

 10. GOKU / そんくう , Son Gokū

Ultra Instinct Goku in Dragon Ball Super
  1. Goku still has a ways to go even with his complete Ultra Instinct he needs to advance much more before surpassing the above. He needs to truly master Ultra Instinct, allowing for it to be used anytime. It needs to be something he can access on purpose. Without being able to access it consciously his max is still Blue Kaioken x20.


9. JIREN / ジレン

Jiren strongest warrior from Universe 11
One of the strongest Pride Trooper and key player of Universe 11th, Jiren the grey is a controversial character because of Tournament of Power.

While he did "lose" his battle with Goku in episode 130 he didn't really lose. The reason he is still standing is that while Goku ran out of energy or his body "could not take it" or whatever, Jiren has not yet. He has equal power to Goku in complete Ultra Instinct but has no noticeable stamina problems whatsoever. And he is always going to have that power. He has no forms.



Not so much know about Universe 6’s God of Destruction Champa besides he is a twin brother of Beerus. He is so much like his brother beside his too nasty and lazy behavior which makes him weak in sportsmanship. But if we look at his divine powers, he is very confident in his abilities.

As a god, Champa possesses nearly same Godly Ki as that of Beerus. Like other gods, he was trained by his attendant angel,-Vados who she superior to her brother Whis which makes Champa incredibly powerful.

During Zen-Exhibition Match, when Universe 6 lost against Saiyans, even Hit along with his Universe 6th team shudders in fear when Champa threatens them to wipe out.

But Champa’s amazing physiques suggests that who is stronger between Beerus and him. (It’s obvious that Beerus is stronger).

According to Dragon Ball Super’s author Akira Toriyama, Champa holds 9th position out of twelve as it suggests that he is roughly as powerful as Beerus.


God of Destruction of Universe 11 Belmod
Clowny God of Destruction of Universe 11 Belmod who may stand out strongest Gods among the others.

There is no other proof of him being stronger than the other except Whis’s wise words to Saiyans.

In Dragon Ball Super anime, during their training period on Beerus planet, Whis told that there are mortals exists who surpassed their God of Destruction and that God appears to be stronger than Beerus.

In the manga version of Zen-Exhibition match, he hardly takes any damage from other Gods, but based on his combat skills, he is even weaker than Jiren.


Beerus the god of destruction

There is evidence that he has knowledge of Ultra Instinct and knows how to use it to a degree. He is millions of years old, has ridiculous power, and because it is a major plot point for Goku to surpass Beerus and it has not been mentioned to be done yet as well as Goku's obvious Stamina or lack of it is implied that while Goku is powerful and could likely hurt Beerus he has not surpassed him in combat effectiveness quite yet.

5. WHIS / ウイス, Uisu

Goku and Vegeta's training with Whis in Beerus's planet

According to the father of Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama, if Goku was on a scale of 6 out of 10, then Beerus would be on 10 and Whis would be on 15 compared to his strength.

In the manga, while training Goku and Vegeta, Whis talks about how to dodge their opponent’s accurately without seeing and hesitation and he even said that Beerus hadn’t mastered it till now.

But in the Chapter 28th of the Manga, it seems that Beerus has half-mastered it already. And Beerus also stated that he is far more powerful than him.

Even Whis dodged and blocked blows from Goku’s super Saiyan Blue form using only one of his finger without any discomfort.

Whis claims to be fastest in the universe which is true when he travels with Beerus around the universe in a matter of minutes. (But Goku’s instant transmission technique is a way faster than your imagination.)

So as one of the calm and honorable characters, I hope Whis will serve his duty for Beerus very well.

4. VADOS / ヴァドス Vadosu

Vados from Universe 6

Daughter of the Great Priest and trainer as well as the elder sister of Whis, Vados is the angel and attendant of God of Destruction Champa of the Universe 6.

Most of her behavior resembles her brother Whis like she is a kind-hearted being who always concerns about Champa’s physics. She is the only one angel after Whis who has respect for Goku.

Dragon Ball Super doesn’t reveal her true strength but in various occasion it is proved that Vados is much stronger than Whis, thus making her strongest being on the twin pair of Universes 6 & 7.

For example, when the question asked by Goku who is the strongest between them, she claims to be superior to her brother but she also hinted him by looking at Champa’s and Beerus’s physiques. Also Preparing for the Tournament profile states that her true strength lies above Whis.

Although Vados possess amazing astronomical powers, still she is well below the likes of her father and Omni-King. But we are here talking about 2 universes only, without knowing the power of the Universe’s 10, 11 and 12 angels.

3. ZEN-OH’S ATTENDANTS / 全王の付き人, Zen’ō no tsukibito

omni kings four attendants


Although they have yet to be seen in battle and have not displayed any fighting techniques, they are hinted to be extremely powerful. While not directly confirmed, they appear to act as Zeno's bodyguards as they block anyone who approach him, even powerful characters like Goku.



2. THE GREAT PRIEST / 大神官, Daishinkan

The Great Priest and father of all angels
Strongest character of the entire series, the Great Priest who serves the Zen-Oh.


The Grand Minister is said to be one of the top 5 strongest beings in the entire multiverse. It is also strongly implied that he is the strongest angel, as Whis himself, the most powerful fighter in Universe 7, openly admits that even his power is nothing compared to the Grand Minister. In the manga version of Dragon Ball Super, Whis adds that the Grand Minister is the strongest warrior in the multiverse, thereby standing above the other top four fighters and holding unfathomable levels of power.

His power and authority are so high that both Supreme Kais and Gods of Destruction immediately kneel before him in respect.

1. ZEN-OH: THE OMNI-KING / 全王, Zen’ō

The King of All, Zen-Oh

Not much is known about Omni-King's abilities as of now, but given the mortified reaction that Beerus and Champa had within his presence, it can be assumed he is a tremendously powerful being. It has been stated by Beerus and Whis that if he so desired, the Omni-King could easily erase all 12 universes from existence.


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