Best Anime Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program Benefits

  • 20% commission (which can potentially be increased, based on performance)
  • Commissions paid to your PayPal account
  • Short and easy-to-share affiliate links
  • Friendly and enthusiastic support--we’re always happy to answer questions!

How Our Affiliate Program Works 

  • After signing up you will be provided with a custom url to our store 
  • Share your personal link on social media 
  • All clicks from your custom url are tracked, anytime a purchase is made you will be paid 20% of the final cart value
  • If You link is clicked but they don't purchase right away we will still credit you if they purchase 30 days later.  

Where To Add Affiliate Link ?


Add your custom url link to the website section on your instagram page 

this is found after clicking the "Edit Profile" button


add your link in the descriptions of your videos


add your link to a button so it's easily used and visually appealing


add you link to any post and simply hit share :)

To apply for our affiliate program, simply click the link below! It will take you to our Affiliate Program form. You will receive an automatic confirmation at your chosen email address.

Apply For Our Affiliate Program !


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  • Love your Instagram !!! Suggested so many great animes Thanks, So Signing up :)

    Maria Liz
  • I would love to be apart of this organization in any way.

    Lee G. Irvin, Jr.

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